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At Safepath, we have advisers with many years of experience from development projects and operations of ports and bases, the oil and gas sector, fisheries, aquaculture and the Armed Forces. Therefore, we know how important security and efficiency are for maritime operations on land. 

We have operational knowledge, understanding and experience from the construction and operation of operating centers, as well as project and process manager expertise. After working on development projects for ports and supply bases, we have the experience required to understand your challenges - and we know how to solve these challenges together, in the best possible way.

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PROcEDures and MANUALs

Safe and efficient operations at ports and bases

The Safepath methodology ensures that the interaction between training, procedures and risk assessment is properly adapted. We advise and develop standards in close cooperation with your organization. The working documents should be firmly rooted within the organization, comprehensible and simple to live by.


“In our everyday lives at sea it is vital that everything goes according to plan! We must follow regulations and procedures to succeed in operations and to uphold safety. That is why it is so important that everyone has the same understanding of exactly what needs to be done.

Aage Molvik, Shell

maritime operation centrals

Sikre og effektive operasjoner på havner og baser

We provide advice, analysis and support if you are developing or building an operating center. A good operating center is like an efficient bridge on a vessel - where well-thought-out ergonomic solutions provide safer navigation and good onboard comfort.

A good operating center for maritime operations should meet future needs, and contain visual and technical solutions that ensure an efficient working day for the staff.


"The new Customer and Operations Center at Bergen Port will be a professional and optimized part of our operations. With their expertise in maritime organizational development and the construction and operation of maritime traffic centers, the people at Safepath work closely with us in the restructuring and development work."

Svein Erik Malkenes, Port of Bergen 

Maritime organisational development

Safe and effective operations at ports and supply bases

We help you with counseling and consultancy in connection with restructuring and change at your port or supply base. Who does what, why, how - and what should be the result? These questions should be answered to ensure proper organization of the business.

Our methodology involves working closely with the customer, and continuously develop and validate recommendations and deliveries together with the users.


“Major maritime operations also occur at the supply base area. When Safepath leads the operation, we feel confident that safety has been taken into account and that our vessel is well moored. ”

Tor Henrik Eide, UMOE Sterkoder AS