A/S Norske Shell expands partnership with Safepath

Extends framework contract for marine surveillance and services

A/S Norske Shell has been utilizing Safepath's expertise in marine services in several of Shell's operations within offshore wind, oil, and gas since 2018. The new framework contract for marine services has a duration of 4 + 4 years and includes services for marine surveillance and fisheries collaboration.


The parties entered into a contract for marine services in 2018, and since then, the two companies have closely collaborated on a range of projects. The renewed agreement came into effect on May 16, 2023, with a fixed duration of 4 years and the possibility of further extension in two 2-year periods.


"The renewed contract with A/S Norske Shell is an important milestone for us. We are proud to be a preferred supplier to A/S Norske Shell, and we look forward to continued collaboration and a targeted partnership to achieve good results," says Sidsel Sæterøy, CEO of Safepath.


The original framework agreement included the delivery of marine services related to Shell's operations in offshore wind, oil, and gas. This included tasks such as planning and implementation of marine aspects of drilling operations, review of procedures and development of manuals, inspections and mobilization of vessels, as well as anchor presetting and recovery, rig mooring, and vessel demobilization.


The renewed agreement also includes fisheries collaboration and marine surveillance. These services are essential when offshore operations and fishing activities take place in the same maritime areas. Safepath serves clients in both sectors and can act as a bridge between the parties to promote understanding, collaboration, and coordination between the industries.


Asle Brattøy, Shipping & Maritime Engineer for A/S Norske Shell, confirms, "We have had a longstanding partnership with Safepath that has spanned over a decade, and we consider them trusted advisors and valuable sparring partners.”


Marine surveillance and preparedness play a crucial role in maintaining safety in offshore oil and gas operations. It helps reduce risks, prevent incidents, and protect personnel, assets, and the surrounding marine ecosystem. Through the agreement, Safepath can provide 24/7 marine surveillance services for Shell's marine activities and assets to avoid collisions or damage to infrastructure. By collecting and analyzing data from various surveillance sources, we can identify patterns, trends, and potential risks, which build a solid decision-making foundation, and contribute to increased operational efficiency, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.


"This contract extension confirms our shared focus on safety, preparedness, and good practice. We are committed to delivering high quality and contributing to the long-term success of A/S Norske Shell. The agreement is evidence of the trust between Shell and Safepath. It is profitable to prioritize collaboration and safety, and Safepath contributes to safer, more efficient, and greener operations," says Terje Rødahl, Safepath Discipline Supervisor.