A/S Norske Shell extends contract with Safepath!

A/S Norske Shell continues to strengthen local businesses in Nordmøre.

Shell extends its agreement for marine services from Safepath!

A/S Norske Shell continues to strengthen local businesses in Nordmøre. Safepath looks forward to new and exciting marine assignments for Shell in the years to come.

"Norske Shell is an international energy company with expertise in the extraction, production, refining and marketing of oil and natural gas as well as the production and marketing of chemicals. In Norway, the company's largest commodity is natural gas, which is extracted at a depth of one thousand meters off the Norwegian coast before being exported through pipes to Europe. Shell's head office is located in Sola municipality outside Stavanger." Source

Since 2018,  has Shell had a contract with Safepath for the delivery of marine services. Shortly after the start-up, we performed the first marine assignments for the company. Our team at Safepath hope it is the good cooperation and quality in our deliveries that has resulted in the extension of the agreement.

The agreement covers the delivery of marine services associated with Shell's marine operations in offshore, wind, oil and gas. For example, planning and execution of the marine part of drilling operations, revision of procedures and development of marine manuals, inspections and mobilization of vessels, preloading and recovery of anchors, anchoring of drilling rigs and demobilization of vessels to name a few.

We have not provided maritime surveillance services to Norske Shell yet, but we hope for the opportunity to come during 2021.

As we all know has Covid-19 since March 2020 played a major role in Norway and in the rest of the world. But sometimes challenges also offer new opportunities. Due to a ban on entry to Norway, Safepath was given a significantly larger role than originally planned in the marine implementation of AS Norske Shell's pioneering and environmentally friendly collection of well data on the Ormen Lange field. The operation was carried out with the Irish company XOCEAN's specially built autonomous vessel. The offshore part of the operation was remotely controlled from XOCEAN's headquarters in Ireland.

Safepath is proud to be a preferred supplier to A / S Norske Shell and thanks for the trust. We look forward to continue our collaboration!