OMV hires Safepath AS to provide sea surveillance.

Safepath provides sea surveillance for OMV for their operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The rig Noble Intrepid has been drilling an exploration well on the Oswig prospect offshore Norway.

Safepath is responsible for monitoring traffic for the duration of the exploration drilling which started in July of this year. The exploration drilling is now in the final stages. Safepath Control monitor the 500-meter zone around the installation where other traffic is not allowed to enter. Using radar, AIS and camera installed on the rig, the Supervisor at Safepath Control can detect vessels and drifting objects on a collision course with the rig. With early detection, rapid response and radio-contact with the different parties, Safepath provides safety, risk-reduction and adherence to regulations for OMV.


- By using Safepath Control for sea surveillance and emergency preparedness, OMV is ensured that the operation and exploratory drilling can proceed without undue risk to personnel and material assets. We are proud of the trust OMV is showing us, says Safepath Control manager Thomas Hammerseth.


Safepath is a consulting company with expert knowledge in maritime surveillance, emergency response and safety, as well as marine operations. Safepath is Norway’s largest independent surveillance & emergency response center for fisheries, aquaculture and the offshore industry.