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Pure Shipping enters collaboration with Safepath

24/7 manned emergency preparedness and digital security management

We are pleased to announce that Pure Shipping and Safepath have entered into an agreement for the delivery of the Emergency Preparedness Package to the company's vessels:  Labor, Laugar and Lautus.

Pure Shipping is a company based in Smøla municipality and provides services aimed at the aquaculture industry. Pure Shipping aims to be the country's leading company in fish welfare. All employees in Pure Shipping must have passion and care for the fish we process for our customers. (Source:


-Pure Shipping takes security seriously, therefor the agreement with Safepath means that we are taking another step in the professionalisation of the company's total security culture. We are proud of that! In addition, we are of course concerned with local business development and we are pleased that through this agreement we can support a local company.

General manager,  Jan Eirik Nordseth, Pure Shipping


Safepath will function as the company's professional emergency contact point in times of emergency and crisis situations. Safepath is on call 24/7 for its customers, and in addition to being the emergency contact point, we also become a sparring partner for ships and shipping companies. Our Safepath Control personnel are at all times ready to respond to hazards, accidents and emergencies in which Pure Shipping's vessels are affected.

An important tool in the agreement on the Emergency Preparedness Package is that the shipping company's vessels will use the digital management system Sealog ©.

This system has safety interfaces with both the shipping company, vessels, Safepath Control and rescue actors. In addition, the system takes care of safety management on board, operation and maintenance work on board.

One of the shipping company's vessels will also be security digitized so that crews and shipping companies can have access to user friendly and customized digital manuals and procedures.

- We are proud that Pure Shipping has chosen the Emergency Preparedness Package from Safepath. We know from before that Pure Shipping takes the fish welfare world very seriously and they show through the agreement with Safepath that they also take preparedness and safety for vessels and crew seriously.

Manager of Safepath Control, Per Nålsund