Safepath AS has become a member of the UN Global Compact Norway

The UN Global Compact is the UN's organization for sustainable business, and the world's largest corporate initiative for sustainability.

As a supplier to the maritime industries with sustainability as a condition, we are now happy to have become a member of the UN Global Compact Norway. A membership that commits us to follow the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and work towards the UN's sustainability goals.

The ten principals of the UN Global Compact provide guidelines for how companies ensure responsible operations within human rights, working life, anti-corruption and the environment. Together with the UN's sustainability goals, the principles will serve as a guideline for the work with sustainability.

When a company joins the UN Global Compact, the company commits to follow and to report on its own work in accordance with the ten principles.

- Membership in the UN Global Compact ensures that we get our work with sustainability systematized. We will follow up and annually report on how we work with the UN's 17 sustainability goals and the UN Global Compact's ten principles for sustainable business operations, says Sidsel Sæterøy - CEO of Safepath AS-

The UN Global Compact's ten principles will be an integrated part of training and reporting for Safepath, and membership will help to further put the company's sustainability work into practise.

- We warmly welcome Safepath AS as a member. It is great that they agree to the ten principles for responsible business, and that they want to further strengthen their sustainability commitment and work, says Kim N. Gabrielli, CEO of UN Global Compact Norway.