Safepath enters a rental agreement with UMOE Sterkoder

We are building an innovative and unique maritim surveillance central in Kristiansund

As our company is expanding, we have come to the conclusion to enter a rental agreement of office spaces in Dalegata 71. This means that Safepath will get a significantly bigger area and opportunity to build a unique set up for several surveillance centrals in the same location. In Dalegata, the building will undergo a lagrer upgrade and the construction work is expected to be well underway within the February month.

This is a very exciting and pleasant decision for us. This means that we will get the expandable possibilities that we need and that we can build a maritim surveillance central that is unique of its kind in Norway.

Through hard work, Safepath has gained valuable experiences within the field of development and operation of surveillance centrals, both from our own business and deliver to Bergen Havn amongst others. Now however, there are new challenges that awaits us. In the new office spaces our goal is to develop our business within maritime watch digitalization and operative security services that does not exist yet in Norway. The goal is to create a surveillance central that strengthens a country’s security emergency plan at sea. The setup will have a functionality both within marine surveillance, emergency preparedness and 2. Line services to maritime trade as well as deliveries to, and collaboration with the public authorities. 

This is a big step for us within innovation and new solutions. The development phase began already autumn last year. 

The work with developing and implementing a completely new and innovative system for a central setup is already initiated. It is one of a kind, and a big challenge for us in Safepath. The new system setup entail that Safepath Control gradually can handle both a massive amount of work within surveillance and security for maritime and offshore trade, and that the company can attend to several parallel situations as the customers 2. Line. This strengthens our delivery to our already existing customers as well as new customers and markets. 

The move will give Safepath more than 5 times its area per today, access to our own storage space as well the possibility for access to anchorage. Our choice to work with Melvika and Umoe Sterkoder’s offer for expansion of our business was therefore not a coincidence. 

Even tho we have had several good offers, the offer Umoe Sterkoder came with could not be matched. Their will to facilitate to our needs, and their ambitions for Melvika made their offer the right for us. 


Cecilie Holsen, project coordinator admiistrative develoment Safepath Dalegata 71

Morten Veiset, project coordinator technical development Safepath Dalegata 71