Safepath provides marine services to Njord Bravo.

On December 8, 2021, Njord Bravo arrived at the quay at Umoe Sterkoder in Kristiansund. Safepath provides marine services to Njord Bravo while moored in Kristiansund.

In recent years, the platform Njord A and the storage vessel Njord B have undergone an extensive upgrade. This is now in the final phase, and Njord B will be at the quay in Kristiansund until the platform Njord A can be placed back on the field again.
Safepath had at most 35 men in action on the quayside in connection with the arrival of Njord Bravo! We have assisted Equinor and Umoe Sterkoder with the planning and mooring of the boat, and will continue to monitor the vessel from our control center. We have worked well with other local actors to get this in order.
The size of the vessel means that the operation required a lot of planning. Njord B has no opportunities to save itself in the event of an incident, therefore it must be moored so that it is safe even in the worst weather conditions. The way in which the vessel is to be moored is not a simple and self-explanatory operation. Analyze and planning are required and the mooring itself must be carried out by professionals. At the same time, many other companies are involved, there is a lot of work both on board and on the quayside at the same time. Therefore it is extremely important that the operation is planned to avoid colliding activities that delay the process or create dangerous situations.
Safepath has planned and carried out all the work that has taken place from the arrival of the vessel and until the vessel was moored safely. Along the way, we also assisted with heeling test, test of cargo hose, personnel lift with mobile crane, preparation of gangway, connection of power cable, control of personnel on board, installation of fire hoses from land to boat, planning and connection of sewer ship-land and much more.
Ahead of Njord Bravo's arrival, we have inspected all mooring equipment and made sure to order the necessary equipment and materials. We have carried out and synchronized all activity with Equinor, Sterkoder and Global Maritime, as well as other local vendors.
The vessel is now safely moored, and we will continue to monitor Njord Bravo from our control center. We monitor the sea side, in addition we assist AVARN with their monitoring of the land side when needed. Safepath is also responsible for emergency preparedness and notification/coordination for Njord Bravo throughout the stau in Kristiansund.
Not everyone knows that we offer marine services, but we are well equipped and have extensive experience from such work. The Njord Bravo operation is proof that we handle the challenge well - this is something we know!
We thank Equinor and Umoe Sterkoder for the assignment!