Photo: Nansen Polar Expeditions.

Safepath signs emergancy preparedness agreement with Nansen Polar Expeditions.

Safepath will ensure preparedness and safety management for the company that offers expeditions in the arctic sea areas.

Nansen Polar Expeditions are very happy to be utilising the Safepath systems for the daily operation and safety response of our ships as they undertake expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, whilst expanding our business within the Møre og Romsdal community!, says CEO Audun Lie Dahl. 
Nansen Polar Expeditions offers a new concept for yachting and exclusive expeditions. With the two vessels MV Nansen Explorer and MV Villa, they offer their customers unique travels and experiences in the arctic ocean.    

Originally built as a research vessel, MV Nansen Explorer represents today a hybrid between a capable and powerful commercial ship with the comforts and service of a luxury yacht. Designed to carry 60 passengers, MV Nansen Explorer now carries only 12 guests, as does MV Villa. The vessels can sail further, and penetrate deeper into ice, than other yachts.  

Bridging the gap between rugged expedition vessel and luxury super yacht, MV Nansen Explorer and MV Villa are unlike anything else available for adventure seeking charterers and travelers.  

The company is originally from Smøla, a small coastal municipality near Kristiansund in Norway. In addition to their innovative and exceptional travels in polar waters, they have also set a new standard for safety. They take safety very seriously, both for the crew and on behalf of the passengers. By choosing Safepath®Response and the safety management system SeaLog from Safepath, they are well prepared and looked after on their journeys.  

Safepath safeguard the vessels 24/7 and keep an updated status overview with all relevant information. This data can easily be shared with rescue agencies in an emergency. SeaLog is a completely digital management system for control over maintenance, logging, emergency preparedness and safety management.  
We are proud to be part of the exclusive Nansen Polar Expeditions!