Safepath signs emergency preparedness agreement for the entire fleet of the fishing and wellboat company Kenfish.

Safepath AS has entered into a long-term agreement for emergency preparedness and surveillance for the fishing and wellboat company Kenfish. The agreement includes delivery of the Safepath®Response service for the entire company's fleet of 7 vessels.

Safepath is a consulting company with expert knowledge in maritime preparedness and safety, as well as marine operations. We have the country's largest independent surveillance and emergency response central for fisheries, aquaculture and the offshore industry.

Since its beginning in 2011, Kenfish has transported wrasse from local fishermen and farmed roe biscuits to fish farms. They also have several fishing vessels that continuously fish whitefish, as well as other vessels in operation along the entire Norwegian coast. The agreement that has now been entered into is a long-term contract.

- We look forward to receiving deliveries from a total supplier of a system that is easy to use and with a professional setup. We want to offer safe work environments - therefore the crew`s safety comes first. We experience that increased focus on safety and routines shows on the economical bottom line, says Rolf Olav Dyrnes, general manager of Kenfish Holding AS

The implementation of Safepath®Response means that all of the company's vessels are included in a state-of-the-art and professional setup for safety and emergency preparedness. Kenfish's vessels are continuously monitored by Safepath Control, a 24/7 operated emergency control room in Melkvika Business Park in Kristiansund. 24-hour monitoring of the vessels' location intails an immediate response if an incident should occur where Safepath assists with a dedicated operations coordinator who works with the clients head office, HRS and other rescue agencies.

In addition to the preparedness setup, Kenfish will receive vessel-adapted digital training manuals that are intuitive to use in familiarization and the safety management system SeaLog for a simplified overview of maintenance, procedures and operational technical checkpoints. Kenfish points out as very positive that training manuals and safety management system are easy to understand and use for the company's multilingual crew. Furthermore, they see the value of Safepath being able to simplify the process of meeting government requirements, professionalizing its own routines and practicing with realistic exercises on board.

This agreement is an extension of a good collaboration that has already been ongoing for several years. MS Fay was the Kenfish company's first vessel with the emergency response package. The total shipwreck at Nordkappbanken on 28 December 2019 showed the importance of 24/7 emergency preparedness and safety management, and a setup which also takes care of the documentation after accidents.

- For us, this agreement is a confirmation that safety and preparedness are becoming increasingly important for those who have the ocean as their workplace. This is an important step in the right direction towards increasing safety at sea, says managing director Sidsel Sæterøy in Safepath AS.