Safepath signs emergency preparedness agreement with Kristiansund Kommunale Sundbåtvesen

Safepath AS has entered into a long-term agreement on emergency preparedness and surveillance for Kristiansund Kommunale Sundbåtvesen.

The agreement includes delivery of the Safepath®Response service for the vessels «MS Angvik» and «MS Framnæs». In addition, "MS Kvikk", the vessel for transport to the island Grip, is also included in the agreement. 
The implementation of Safepath®Response entails that all of the company's vessels are included in a state-of-the-art and professional setup for safety and emergency preparedness. This means that all vessels are continuously monitored by Safepath Control, a 24/7 manned emergency center in Melkvika Business Park in Kristiansund. 24-hour continuous monitoring of the vessels' location result in immediate response if an incident should occur.  
“It is very gratifying to be able to welcome Sundbåtene and Gripruta on board Safepath. For us, this collaboration confirms that Sundbåtvesenet have their passengers safety as the first priority. In addition, this is a major milestone for us as the agreement marks the first passenger vessel in our portfolio” says Henriette Sandnes in Safepath. 
In addition to the actual emergency preparedness, Sundbåtvesenet will receive vessel-adapted digital training manuals that are intuitive to use for familiarization. The safety management system SeaLog is implemented for a simplified overview of maintenance, procedures, and technical checkpoints. 
General manager of Sundbåtvesenet Arild Dybå-Eidem is satisfied with the agreement which helps to secure both passengers, crew and vessels: 
"Safety for our passengers has always had the highest priority. Through a formal collaboration with Safepath, KKS once again shows the way as a future-oriented player that takes safety seriously, for the benefit of both the travelers and the operation of the company. We are proud to be able to collaborate with a local player who has leading expertise in their field. As a result of a high level of activity, and that the company is growing rapidly, this agreement will also give KKS the framework conditions we need to keep focus on. That we, as the world's oldest company for public transport in operation, should be the first passenger vessel, falls into the series of milestones in our proud history. " says General Manager of KKS Arild Dybå-Eidem. 
Safepath is a consulting company with expert knowledge in maritime preparedness and safety, as well as marine operations. Safepath has the country's largest independent monitoring and emergency response center for fisheries, aquaculture and the offshore industry. 
Sundbåtvesenet is a shipping company and municipal company that operates the “Sundbåt” that carry passengers between the various islands that surround the harbor in Kristiansund. Scheduled traffic is the basis for the company and in recent years, passenger traffic has increased considerably. Sundbåten has been "the heart of the city" for over 145 years and carried over 133 million passengers across the harbor. Sundbåten's position as a public transport company, cultural monument and experience provider in Kristiansund and Nordmøre is strong with a well-established brand. 
For Safepath, it is very rewarding to be able to strengthen local collaborations. The common goal between the companies is safety for everyone who travels at sea. Many people travel daily with Sundbåten, and it is of course in the common interest to ensure increased safety and preparedness. This agreement testifies to great local cooperation, and Safepath is proud to contribute to Sundbåten being able to continue in faithful service for the city's soul.