Safety is our priority

The times are uncertain. It's time to think about preparedness and take necessary actions regarding safety.

Norwegian authorities want to eliminate unwanted incidents and deaths at sea. The oil and gas sector has a well-developed mindset for safety and emergency preparedness, and the maritime industries and the fishing industry are catching up fast. Safety and preparedness at sea is a general concern because the consequences of incidents can be so unimaginably catastrophic. The need for coordinated services, a good overview of resources and an unobstructed flow of information is absolutely essential to reduce risk.

Unfortunately, we also see the importance of good and proper preparedness in light of the serious events that are now happening in Europe. Safepath follows the tense situation on the continent closely, and assist our customers and partners when our expertise and many years of experience are needed.

The actions that Safepath AS does to view preparedness in a holistic perspective for the marine industry is incredibly important. We use experience from the various maritime industries, and through our adapted focus, we are helping the industry to take a huge step for safety and preparedness at sea.

For us at Safepath, the core business itself is linked to our control center, where we provide 24-hour security for those who have the ocean as their workplace.

In light of the events of the past week, we have all opened our eyes to the importance of proper preparedness.

Do not forget safety. It's time to think about preparedness.