Research boat for Sintef

SINTEF ACE chose the Emergency Preparedness Package from Safepath!

Safepath's quality and innovative digital emergency response system reaches new customer groups!

The full-scale aquaculture laboratory SINTEF ACE is one of Europe's largest independent research institutes and has now chosen the Contingency Package from Safepath for its work boat MS Torra.


We are confident in our quality and not least in our expertise in emergency services. Safepath is therefore pleased that we have been chosen as the supplier of our digital emergency preparedness system and 24/7 emergency telephone services to SINTEF ACE. We believe that this will open new and exciting doors for us in innovative maritime emergency preparedness.

SINTEF ACE is a broad, multidisciplinary research institute with internationally leading cutting-edge expertise in technology, natural sciences and social sciences. Among other things, they carry out research as an R&D partner for business and administration and are among the largest institutes for contract research in Europe.

We have already started the delivery to SINTEF ACE. The agreement contains Safepath as a 24/7 emergency guard for vessels and that the digital safety system Sealog © is adapted to M / S Torra's needs within safety management and safe emergency preparedness, including procedures and manuals that are adapted to the work boat.


The emergency response package from Safepath represents a new standard in maritime safety and emergency preparedness work and ensures that vessels and crew are very well taken care of. Read more about our Emergency Preparedness Package here!


We look forward to a good collaboration with Sintef ACE and the crew on board the MS Torra.


Photos: borrowed from Sintef