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Our goal is to make life easier and safer on sea. This is why we developed our unique integrated management system - the SAFEPATH™ CONTINGENCY. With Safepath™ as your partner you have a link between vessels, shipping companies and rescue agencies 24/7. We safeguard your vessels and keep an updated status overview with all relevant information. This is how data can easily be shared with rescue agencies and shipowners in an emergency.

The SAFEPATH® CONTINGENCY includes the following:

  • preparedness 24/7
  • response coordinator
  • Safety/maintenance Management system
  • Safety drills
  • digitalisation
  • PROcEDuREs and manuals


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« If you think preparedness is expensive... try an emergency!»


Ken Åke Grahn, Kenfish

preparedness 24/7 

We are with you around the clock

We are Norway's largest independent maritime surveillance and emergency response center for fisheries, aquaculture and offshore, and our employees have extensive experience in managing search and rescue missions.


The information acquired on your ship is sent directly to the Main Rescue Central when an incident occurs to provide overview and reduced response time efficiently. This increases the chance of saving lives in emergency situations.

We provide:

  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Continous surveillance of location and updated information on your ship
  • Government liason and support during emergencies and crises

response coordinator

We are there when you need us

Safepath Emergency Response Center collects all information about your vessel and your location. 

If an incident occurs, the information will be relayed to the Main Rescue Central and other rescue agencies. In this way, they will immediately get a good overview of the situation.

We provide:

  • 24/7 traffic surveillance of all vessel traffic surrounding your location 
  • 1st and 2nd line support upon incidents
  • Online transfer of situational data to trusted stakeholders
  • Status on resource recapture
  • Mapping of and statistics on vessel types and volume

Digital safety management system

Safety / maintenance management made simple

We have developed a digital management system for safety on board vessels and onshore. The system is available from mobile, tablet and PC, and is intuitive and easy to use.

With this powerful tool, you have full control over maintenance, logging, emergency preparedness and safety management in a single module-based system - adapted to your vessel class.

We provide:

  • The system is connected to our 24/7 manned preparedness central
  • Simple to use electronic logging system
  • Prosedural system, risk evaluations and instruction manual is included

safety drills

Be prepared

When an incident occurs, what matters most is the small details. We have prepared practical and realistic exercises that can be performed on board your vessel. 

The exercises are adapted to the vessel's current procedures, and help the crew become more secure in their own - and others' role during a real emergency.

We train your crew for:

  • Man-over-board
  • Critical first aid
  • Fire, shipwreck and evacuation


Intuitive and easy to understand

Safepath has long experience in assisting its customers with the development, simplification and professionalization of manuals and procedures. It is important that such documents have a user friendly and logical design, so that everyone achieves the same understanding for performing an operation.

We provide:

  • Integration in the safety management system

  • Intuitive and easy to understand

  • Covers all government requirements

safety digitalisation

Interactive vessel-adapted manuals and plans

The Safepath methodology ensures that the interaction between training, procedure and risk assessment is properly tailored.

Digitization of vessels makes it possible to add interactivity to training manuals that makes complex manuals easily maneuverable.

We provide:

  • Interactiv pdf with digital drawings of your vessel

  • Training manual for your vessel

  • Emergency plan

  • Setup for safety round

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