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Safepath has been supporting oil companies and rig owners on the Norwegian continental shelf for years. From our offices in Kristiansund we provide 24/7 marine surveillance, marine operations, emergency preparedness and inspections. Having customers in offshore, aquaculture and fisheries, we also contribute as a liason point creating dialogue and cooperation across the marine industries.

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"Safepath has provided high-quality service in which close collaboration, solution orientation, and efficiency are descriptive keywords"

Geir Peder Bøe, former OIM Transocean

safepath control  

Professional sea monitoring and support of the operator's second line

The Safepath Control operations center is manned 24/7 and ensures radar and AIS traffic monitoring of the area around the installation in accordance with license requirements, laws, regulations and relevant standards.

A uniquely established resource image around the installation gives Safepath Control the ability to always be prepared to assist OIM, 2nd line safety as well as rescue agencies providing updated situation images and resource information. Whether it is vessels on collision course, incident assistance on the rig, oil detection or NGO's, Safepath Control is a very safe and secure collaborative partner.

Safepath is audited by the PSA.



Safepath has experienced personnell qualified to engage in:

Marine operations 

  • Pre-install & recovery of anchors 
  • Rig moves
  • IMR Operations
  • Operational support


  • Suitability Survey 
  • DP Advisory and verification
  • OVID

“As a global enterprise, it is important to have locally based knowledge in order to carry out innovation projects where our operations take place. Safepath has been, and is, a good and important partner who understands technology and innovation well, as demonstrated by excellent support for our data collection project using the USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) in the Ormen Lange field.”

Rolf E. Sæter, Director technology and improvement, A/S Norske Shell


Train as you fight and fight as you train. I It is crucial that the exercises are as realistic as possible.

Joint training:

Safepath Control has developed good and effective routines for realistic exercises. We have extensive experience in training exercises for 2nd line, and with OIM and skippers on SBV.

Safety days:

Incidents may occur on board, and safepath has developed a concept with practical and realistic scenarios for potentially critical and dangerous situations. We train the crew in simple and effective techniques in MOB, fire, evacuation and first aid based on available equipment on board.

«With Safepath we have practical training onboard, in facilities we normally operate. This is for sure much better for the crew, since we now know exactly what to do in case of any emergencies»


Olav Sjåstad Captain of Siem Pride


Intuitive and easy to understand

Safepath has long experience in assisting its customers with the development, simplification and professionalization of manuals and procedures. It is important that such documents have a user friendly and logical design, so that everyone achieves the same understanding for performing an operation.

“Safety is also about making procedures simple and understandable. This is where Safepath is unique. Their procedure layout with images, shapes and text makes it easy, regardless of the user's starting point »

Erlend Furu, Marine and Base Manager, OKEA